Demo 2016

by Putrescent Seepage

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Cam - Drums, Vox
Brett - Guitars, Bass, Vox

Drums recorded at AGS Music
Mixed & Mastered by Adrian Cappelletti / Inurn Productions


released July 25, 2016



all rights reserved


Putrescent Seepage Adelaide, Australia

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Track Name: Engorged With Festering Pustulation
The earthly struggle is bloodsoaked slapstick
Undermined by insidious traditions
Finding myself rapturous towards the abyss
True death in nature proves itself cruelest
Tumidity afflicting me
In a swelling stone depression
Stretched to the bounds of my body
No cavity left for sanity
Darkness all-knowing
Provides contemplative company
Half-submerged in feculent waters
Facing my grave as it swallows me
Corpsereek rises through pores in the mound -
Now a bed of scabs pushing each other outward
Somewhere inside my intestines unravelling
To provide the consumption with a fertile ocean
Insatiable life odiously conceived
Upon my slab of nourishing bloatmeat
Spores released in the witching hour
Blanket me in black disease
Inner mass succumbs to fluidity
Pestilence deeply seeping from me
Delirious with the scent of blighted humanity
In reverberate madness I hail the ending...
Track Name: Dripping From Ruptured Abscess
Seclusion in a mouldering hellscape
Torn from the grips of my covetous race
Illusion of structure collapsing
From absurdity churning under the skin
A sprawl of cryptic malformation
Sepulchred bones crushed and drifting
Drowned in the depths of the bile of man
Spilling over my sunken kingdom
Damp-rotted walls thinning
Organs pool feverishly
A grisly hunger surging
My rancour forms another breach
Expelling the virulency
In waves of carnal ecstasy
Ruinous chunks left soaking
Returning to the antediluvian
This wasted span of misery strewn behind me
A new vista of insanity unfolding
Life's indignities have eroded my being
Now reduced to a ruptured abscess, dripping...